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PEKKI promotes the circular economy, avoids waste and gives a new life to objects that we no longer need.
A thrown discarded object becomes waste and pollutes the environment. A donated and or recycled object has no environmental impact and is will  certainly useful to someone else.

All offers are checked by, and subject to the approval of Pekki's administrators.

Administrators may cancel offers at any time,as well as block a user by preventing publication and contact with other users.

For privacy reasons, the names and email addresses of those who publish an ad are NEVER shown. Only registered users will be able to send an e-mail via PEKKI in order to be contacted.

No personal information may be included in the text of the offers. Offers containing personal information will not be published or will be edited in accordance with Pekki's privacy policy.

The offers must include up to six photographs. Photos must not show personal information (such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses) or images of minors. Pphotos of adults are permitted as long as users have consent of the person portrayed and assume sole responsibility for the photos.

Only offers of materials as a gift from private to private are allowed.


PEKKI is a platform to help those who want to give something with someone away connect with someone who is interested in it. After the first message has been sent, communications will take place directly between users. Users exchange contacts and continue communications under their own responsibility.

Each user is responsible for ensuring that the gifted object corresponds to what is indicated in the description and shown in the photos.


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